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Berlin Startups: The Movie… Documentary on "startup stars" in the pipeline Written by Linsey Fryatt on 29. June 2012

startup movie

Moviepilot CEO and co-founder Tobi Bauckhage has told VentureVillage that he’s involved in planning an in-depth documentary movie on the Berlin startup stars. Names that have been touted as potential players include the founders of Gidsy, Amen, EyeEm, Readmill and 6Wunderkinder.
startup movie

Berlin’s answer to Dig!

Bauckhage exclusively told VentureVillage that he envisions a movie similar to cult hit Dig! (see trailer below) that follows the relative fortunes of bands The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The fly-on-the-wall flick won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 after gathering seven years’ of footage of the bands’ explosive trajectories and vastly differing fates.
“I’d love to see something similar, with the main players of the new Berlin startup scene,” says Bauckhage. “These people are stars of this realm. They are all hitting their first significant hurdles; they are navigating that asteroid field right now, being called to prove their hype, and that’s where the drama lies.”
Moviepilot, the movie recommendation and discovery platform also has a film production company, Jetfilm, which Bauckhage has confirmed is keen to co-produce and support the project.

The Berlin startup stars on the big screen

“You already have these characters: the cerebral one, the charismatic one, the beautiful one, the artistic one, the practical one – it’s like a boy band…” says Bauckhage – and we’re throwing out a guess that he has Henrik Berggren, Felix Petersen, Edial Decker, Florian Messner and Christian Reber in mind.
“All have gained lots of media attention, and have started a scene here – they are the rock stars of it. A film documenting their journey and fates over the next couple of years would be amazing – as the odds are stacked against them – not all of them will be runaway successes. And that’s where the drama lies”

“Friendship, passion, success, betrayal…”

Bauckhage is working with Maximilian Erlenwein and Robin von Hardenberg of Fat Lady Film, an award-winning film house. Erlenwein’s slick style on titles such as Blackout and Gravity (Schwerkraft) have garnered comparisons to Quentin Tarantino.
We caught up with partner von Hardenberg: “This won’t be about reportage on the business scene – we see it about friendship, passion, success, betrayal. These people are all young, they all hang out together and have big dreams and great ideas. It would be a story of the connumeration of these factors, about the atmosphere that had led to this in Berlin right now.”
“It’s such an interesting scene – you have a handful of young guys working out of an office in Berlin and six months down the line you have people all over the world using these products. And it’s a new generation too – these people are ideas-driven and there’s a belief in what they do – that’s why they’re interesting subjects. Plus, the stakes are high for them.”
“Right now the movie is very much in the initial talk phase,” says Von Hardenberg, “but I think that this could be a really great movie if we get all the right people on board.” He also mentioned that he’d like to feature some of the younger startup upstarts and some key investors.

Time to get the popcorn in?

Henrik Berggren of Readmill is certainly interested. He said: “I think it is a super-cool idea – anything that brings that sort of attention to the Berlin startup scene and what we’re doing here would be great. I’d be totally on board. Although I don’t know how rock ‘n’ roll we would be – we’re not SoundCloud!”
Edial Dekker of Gidsy seconded the sentiment: “I think it’s a really cool idea and the guys are all really cool too. I’d be worried about the time we’d need to commit, but let’s see what happens…”
We for one think that a document of this moment in time would not only be fascinating, but a sure-fire Festival hit. Let us know below if you’d like to see Berlin Startups: the Movie… and we’ll bring the popcorn…