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Berlin to battle London on Jason Calacanis's show This Week in Startups Written by Marguerite Imbert on 14. May 2012

The London v. Berlin debate plans to reach an ultimate high, in the most exciting format yet…
Valley-based This Week in Startups team, led by the dynamic Jason Calacanis, reached out to our local TWIST Berlin crew to organize a special London vs Berlin episode. Sign-ups just opened up now. Apply here. On this upcoming edition of the show (scheduled for 8 June), three startups from London will compete live with three of our best startups from Berlin. And Jason and his sidekick Tyler will pick the best three. Who’s going to rep us? Get on it!

What makes a better founder? 4pm tea or 4am Club Mate?

The live event will be held on the 8th at the Ahoy co-working space. The live stream will be from 9 – 10 PM. A pre contest will be at the same day from 7- 9pm. Afterwards there will be a blowout after-show party to celebrate entrepreneurship (and the lucky winners, of course!)
Any startup in Berlin can participate, but only 15 will get a chance to take part in the pre-jury-contest. The crew is currently looking for media partners (VentureVillage is already one of them!) and sponsors. Media partners will get exclusive access to the whole event, and sponsors will get the chance to pitch during the jury decision and attend the afterparty with 500+ of Berlin’s coolest geeks.
Jury is TBD. Last time the jury included us, Henrik Berggren of Readmill, and Paul Jozefak from Liquid Labs.
Please get in touch with us at editorial@venturevillage if you have any questions. And sign up now!
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