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When Berlin Calls: Ieva Soblickaite Written by Christine G. Coester on 27. October 2016

When Berlin Calls – Ieva Soblickaite, co-founder of MEDIGO
“We didn’t want to go anywhere else. Berlin has a lot of advantages as a place where you can make a startup. There is a lot of space, which means that it’s not expensive to rent an office, which sounds like a small thing but actually when you are running on a low budget, it’s super important. Because when you find yourself with people crammed on the sofas; they don’t have anywhere to work anymore, it’s like ‘Damn, we need a new place to go!’ There is a possibility to choose from some nice, cool spaces. Although it is not that easy, I’m pretty sure it is easier and five times cheaper than Paris or London.

Ieva Soblickaite, MEDIGO co-founder

There are a lot of young people coming here, a lot of them to party, but also professionals that are looking to do something new and interesting, and start their own company. People with entrepreneurial mindsets. Also there are a lot of other startups, so there is a lot of networking, exchange of talents… It is really getting crazy expensive elsewhere.
Barcelona is not so much a startup city, maybe now more, but it was always a traditional Catalan city, full of rich people. We considered Paris, London and Berlin… because of its artistic scene and open attitude.
Berlin is in the beginning quite a difficult city to love, because it is not so pretty. Because of the whole history there are a lot of weird constructions that had taken place, in the East there are a lot of soviet-bloc memorabilia, which for me coming from Lithuania is like, ‘No, I don’t want to see this.’ But then you start to get used to it– the industrial style. You probably fall more in love with Berlin… more than any other city because of these weirdnesses and these specific things. And the little things you discover… And the flexibility and independence that you have in the city.”