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Map: Berlin's co-working spaces compared Written by Christine G. Coester on 6. December 2016

Berlin is home to a number of co-working spaces, spots around the city where creative types – freelancers, writers and entrepreneurs – come to get things done.
Those looking to surround themselves with inspired, motivated and like-minded people, while building their startup or getting situated in the city, might consider opting for a co-working space over a café or working from home.
Many co-working spaces also offer events and networking opportunities, making it a great way to grow contacts in the city.
Below are seven of Berlin’s co-working spaces compared side by side.

Betahaus – What started in 2009 as a co-working space in Berlin has since spread to rsz_1betahaus-hr-coworking-3rdfloor-danique_van_kesterenHamburg, Sophia and Barcelona.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., unless you have a plan with 24/7 access.

Pricing: A day pass will cost you €15. The part-time plan, which is 12 days per month, starts at €89. The full-time plan, five days per week, starts at €159. Those interested in a team room can expect upwards of €299. The team room plan includes 24/7 access, a locker and mailbox.

Internet: No information is listed, but it is safe to assume internet access is included in the plans.

Capacity: With 6,000 square meters of space, Betahaus Berlin has 500 active members.


Co.up – A loft style working space split between two floors in Kreuzberg.coup_5th_office_left2

Hours: Officially from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pricing: A day pass costs €15 and there is an additional €10 fee for all users. Other plans include the part-time flex desk, 11 passes for €115 per month, and the full-time flex desk, unlimited use during normal operating hours.

Internet: 50 MBit DSL + failover line, 802.11n and b+g Wifi, 10Mbit upload

Capacity: Both spaces combined offer approximately 300 square meters of space. This translates to around 30 people.

Extras: Co.up offers group events, free meeting room use and a free day for those interested in trying out the space.


creative|media|lab – Situated in the heart of Berlin, this co-working space boasts a 14thslide_lab2 story view of Alexanderplatz.


Hours: 24/7 access with certain plans.

Pricing: A day ticket starts at €25; a weekly ticket at €100. The virtual plan, five days per month, offers unlimited internet and 24/7 access for €95 per month. A fixed desk with mail service, 24/7 access and the WLAN is €250 per month. This same plan, without a fixed desk, is available for €200.

Internet: Each plan includes unlimited internet use.

Capacity: No information is provided on capacity but they do boast a 14th floor view over Alexanderplatz.


Nest – This Kreuzberg co-working space is directly connected with the Nest café and offers a view of Görlitzer Park.

Hours: Monday through Sunday; 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pricing: A day ticket runs €12. Renting a room on a monthly basis for a group (i.e. your startup!) starts at €400.

Internet: WiFi with 50Mbit VDSL.

Capacity: The space consists of four large rooms, roughly 150 square meters each. This translates to enough space for 23 people.


Office Club – Relaunched in 2016 after its first five years, Office Club, believes its coworking-space-berlin-prenzlauer-berg“refined atmosphere” is great for working and important meetings.

Hours: From Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, 24/7 access is available with certain plans.

Pricing: Shared desks start at an entry fee of €29, which includes 2 days per month. Additional days cost €19. Also be prepared to pay €19 more for 24/7 access. Other charges also exist meaning it can add up quickly. Renting a fixed desk per month is €299, which includes a business address and 24/7 access. The most expensive plan is €399.

Internet: Access to “high speed WiFi” is included in all the plans offered.

Capacity: No information is provided on capacity.


Raumstation – What used to be a 14283_528900650472993_258493211_nporcelain factory in the Moabit district was converted into a co-working space.

Hours: 24/7 access.

Pricing: Plans vary between €80 and €245 euros, depending on length of stay. They also offer a test day for free.

Internet: We assume they have internet, but no information is directly listed.

Capacity: The building is six stories high and each floor offers 10 desks max.

Extras: No minimum stay required. Raumstation offers a guided tour every Thursday at 5 p.m.


St. Oberholz – With multiple locations around Berlin, Sankt Oberholz offers several 14666132_10154570141133895_5211300911429471872_n
plans for people interested in using their space.

Hours: Essentially 24 hours, but it depends on the plan.

Pricing: St. Oberholz offers a “fixed desk” for €279 per month. It costs €159 for a “hot desk,” meaning you can work at one of two locations if space is available. Day tickets are €15.

Internet: They have Wifi and say it is fast.

Capacity: No numbers are listed on the website, but their Rosenthaler Platz location is 600 square meters.

Extras: Be sure to check out their lost and found items. Sankt Oberholz also offers free printing and lockers for rent.


Photos via visual hunt, St. Oberholz, Raumstation, Office Club, Nest, creative|media|lab, Co.up and betahaus.