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Berlin's Fernsehturm keeps photobombing startups' portraits Written by Christine G. Coester on 20. February 2017

You are not a real Berlin startup until your team photo or founder portraits have been photobombed by the TV tower, also known as the Fernsehturm.
Designed by Herman Henselmann in 1969, the Fernsehturm is a Berlin icon – immediately recognizable on the skyline – located on Alexanderplatz. The tower weighs approximately 26,000 tons and took four years to build.
Before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it was a “symbol of socialism by the East German government.” Now, at 368 meters tall, which makes the Fernsehturm the city’s tallest building, he spends his time trolling startups.


Photoshopped or nah? We cannot be 100 per cent sure, but in all likelihood, the Fernsehturm probably photoshopped himself perfectly in between Barzahlen’s founders.


Here he is again. Perfectly lined up for Dojo Madness’ “class photo” and helping one woman look like a unicorn.


What we really want to know: Does the Fernsehturm photobomb all these portraits on Berlin’s one sunny day?


Don’t look behind you, Caterwings! The Fernsehturm did come for dinner. Awkward… it looks like you forgot a glass.


Straight talk: The Fernsehturm is taking voyeurism to a whole new level. Good thing it is only Monoqi’s office and not a bedroom, otherwise that would be weird.


Not his best placement (he must have been rushing to make the shot), yet he still managed to make the cut in Elinvar’s moody, film noir portrait.


Even when he is out of focus, the Fernsehturm still looks cooler than Cashout’s app.

So, is this the fernsehturm or his shadow chilling with Rocket Internet's Oliver Samwer? I really can't tell.

You know you have an excellent photo bomber on your hands when he manages to sneak into Rocket Internet’s Oliver Samwer’s portrait with his reflection.


Casually “blending in” with the entire Lock8 team.

A bit harder to see, the Fernsehturm (left) photobombed Civey’s photo from quite a distance.

Two for one: The Fernsehturm didn't just photobomb Food Express' CEO. He photobombed the Berliner Dom.

Two for one: The Fernsehturm didn’t just photobomb Food Express’ CEO, Max von Waldenfels. He also photobombed the Berliner Dom.

Photos via Barzahlen, Cashout, CaterWings, Civey, Dojo Madness, Elinvar, Lock8, Mobisol, Monoqi, Rocket Internet.