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Berlin's most charming CEO – revealed Written by Linsey Fryatt on 17. February 2012

It’s been the hottest topic across town this week – just who is Berlin’s most charming CEO? The one who ticks all the boxes, from looks to personality to confidence and, of course, that all-important charm. Can you guess who it is from our picture above??
Is it Oli Samwer from the lofty towers of Rocket Internet? Is it our very own Mark Hoffmann, the man behind the Vertical Media empire?
The citizens of Berlin have voted. They had a really tough choice on their hands, and we can tell you from behind the scenes that the voting was rabid and dramatic – there were tears, there was drama, there were frantic phone calls to rally voting support.
We saw Mark Hoffmann streak into the lead before Dawanda’s Claudia Helming stole the crown. And a last-minute surge from fans of Readmill’s Henrik Berggren looked like he would snatch the top spot.
And the winner is…

Zoe Adamovicz (Xyologic)

Zoe’s mix of fabulous, fearless, fierceness helped her take the top spot. And looking at this picture you just wouldn’t want to fight it.
The charming CEO added: “It shows that both lovers and fighters can come out top. But you do realize that it was Berlin’s hackers competition, not a beauty contest…. ;-)”
A whopping 2,766 people voted and Zoe bagged 633 (22.89%) of those. Here are the full results below: