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Best Valentines (and anti-Valentines) for Berlin geeks Written by Linsey Fryatt on 14. February 2012

OK, we know that it’s a consumerist nightmare designed to line the pockets of card manufacturers and chocolate vendors, but there’s no reason that Valentine’s has to be a super-lame affair, especially somewhere as hip as Berlin. Here’s our rundown of the best Valentines’s (and anti-Valentine’s) activities for the discerning Berlin geek.

Lovestagram vs Androidify


Show your love in digital form (natch) with a special love-inspired Instagram plugin, Lovestagram. Designed by Instagram fonder Mike Krieger’s girlfriend, Kaitlin Trigger, it works as a plugin to your Instagram account. Just log in as usual, look for the name of your Valentine, then choose from three designs for an instant Valentine’s: Mr. Pink Camera, Lovestagram Rainbow, or Cinnamon Heart Candy.
If that’s all a bit too a) lame and b) iPhone for the super-geeks among you, try the Androidify app. You can create a likeness of your sweetheart in Android form and send it to them – sweet!

Ice Skating vs R Kelly

Obviously, Gidsy is a great choice for booking an activity to gift to your sweetheart. Our pick of romantic Berlin choices are ice skating lessons or a trip to a piano factory.
If you want to opt out of Valentines entirely, then what better way than a 22-part hip-hopera? Thom from Soundcloud has organised an anti-Valentine’s viewing of R Kelly’s seminal Trapped in the Closet, where you can toast singledom with cheap wine and chocolate, happening this evening.

Bambak vs Insanity Sauce


Of course, what better way to charm your Valentine than to buy a hand-made gift from Dawanda and pass it off as your own work. We especially love this cute little Bambak.
Or, how about something a bit more spicy? Our favourite (ie only) dedicated Hot Sauce shop in Berlin, Pfefferhaus, will supply you with some Dave’s Insanity Sauce.

Supper Club vs Doner

You could sweep your sweetheart off their feet by tracking down a booking at one of Berlin’s much talked-about supper clubs. Hip Friedrichshain hangout Loteria Supper Club always has some cool last-minute events, and Krauted Haus’s feasts are always of impeccable taste and high standards, so avoid over-priced set menus and book for the next event instead.
Or if you’re on a Berlin budget, opt for a couple of Sternis before heading to our favourite doner joint, Imren (Boppstrasse 4) for a taste of superbly seasoned Turkish fare for under €5. And the best thing is you can do this blissfully solo.