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Brewed in Berlin: Craft breweries you’ll want to know about Written by Christine G. Coester on 2. December 2016

Craft beers are coming to Berlin, despite the country being a bit slow when it comes to embracing specialty beers (thanks to Germany’s Beer Purity Law).
Below are eight of Berlin’s breweries, that are not only adding edge to the beverage, but starting to challenge Munich’s status as the country’s go-to city for beer.
Berliner Berg, which is also located in the Neukölln district, aims to bring the art of brewing to Berlin … and beyond. A bold statement for a brewery that was established in 2015 by a group of four: Three Germans and an American. They crowdfunded over 65,000 euros in order to get the company off the ground and bring the US Craft Beer movement to Germany.
Vagabund launched in 2011 after three American friends decided they wanted to create a “full-fledged brewing company,” to test new recipes and styles of craft beer.
Hops and Barley has been brewing beer in Friedrichshain since 2008, with the goal of expanding Berlin’s beer culture. They brew specialty beers every week, including a homemade cider.
Located in Neukölln, Privatbrauerei am Rollberg, has an oddly uninformative website. They list their opening hours, offer a link to their Facebook page and little else. We can only assume the beer is worth drinking.
Two Fellas Brewery is a new company tucked inside The Castle Pub in Mitte. Part of the fun is simply finding the nano-brewery, which just kicked-off in 2016. The brewery seems to be well-received and are reportedly in the process of “upgrading our capacity to meet distribution demand.”
Bierlieb, which is not a brewery per se, but more of a quasi beer shop meets brew school and bar, is located in Friedrichshain. Bierlieb showcases national and international craft beers and offers brew courses in their pilot brewery.
We cannot really consider Hausbrauerei Eschenbräu new to the scene, but hand-crafted beers have been flowing from the Wedding-based brewery since 2001.
Schoppe Bräu, based in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, also started out in 2001. Today their beers, which are brewed in small batches, can be found in bars and stores around the capital.

Photo via VisualHunt