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Doing business in Germany: How easy is it? Written by Christine G. Coester on 18. November 2016

Just how easy is it to do business in Germany? Pretty easy, according to the World Bank Group’s 2017 economy rankings.
Germany came in 17th place, behind countries like New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.
The ranking, which scores the world’s economies from 1 to 190, allows for comparisons across 10 different topics relevant to regulatory environments. The scores are calculated after assessing the number of requisites, the amount of time and the number of steps required in each respective country.
According to the database, New Zealand is the best country to do business; Somalia is the worst. Germany fell three spots from the group’s 2016 ranking.
The database can also be divided regionally and by income, and a country profile is also available to download.
Germany’s overall rankings:

Starting a Business – 114

Dealing with Construction Permits – 12

Getting Electricity – 5

Registering Property – 79

Getting Credit – 32

Protecting Minority Investors – 53

Paying Taxes – 48

Trading across Borders – 38

Enforcing Contracts – 17

Resolving Insolvency – 3

Who knew regulatory performance could be so fun?

Photo via Visual hunt