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Bye bye – on market leadership Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 13. June 2014


As VentureVillage reported in April, acquired Lieferando. While it was first explained that the German brands ( was’s German portal) will merge, Jitse Groen, Founder and CEO of told WSJ that the brands will now continue to run their businesses independently. plans to concentrate their marketing operations on Lieferando to make it the number one in Germany, a spot that is currently occupied by Groen states, “Only the market leader can be profitable.”

According to the number of orders, is leading the market in Germany right now. Lieferando was acquired after realized that Lieferservice will not become profitable on its own.


“We want to be the number one, but that will not happen over night,” Groen explained. He adds that has calculated a “very high” marketing budget for this mission. A concrete number was not mentioned.

Lieferando will become the technical basis for all portals. Groen maintained that the Lieferando office in Berlin will keep all 70 employees and communicate with Lieferservice, which is based in the Netherlands through video calls. No layoffs are planned.

According to Groen, he found in 1999 with €50 in seed capital. The company is now operating in eleven countries and counts around 400 employees. An IPO is planned as soon as it “has a good position in all important countries”.
Image Source: Some rights reserved by lord enfield