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Call for Applications: Airbus BizLab is looking for season 3 participants Written by Sponsored Post on 29. May 2017

Airbus BizLab is a Global Aerospace Accelerator with two European locations in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany. After completing the 6-month acceleration program startups will have validated the development of a product, service or an application for, but not limited to, the aerospace industry. Over the past two years, the BizLab has worked with 56 startups.

Season 2 participants gathered together on Demo Day.

Season 2 participants gathered together on Demo Day.

BizLab Support

The support is based on 4 pillars:
1. Facilities and location
BizLab holds approximately 400 m2 co-working space at each location – all near the doorsteps of the biggest Airbus manufacturing and design sites. The program not only offers close proximity to aircraft production sites, but also opportunities to work hand in hand across two departments: Airbus Research and Technology and the Innovation and Development.
The BizLab in Hamburg, for example, is situated at the site of an aircraft’s final assembly: the ZAL (Center for Applied Aeronautical Research), a Public Private Partnership on aerospace technology and prototyping, and the Airbus supplier zone.
2. Access and leverage
Gaining access and leveraging corporate relationships to technology and service partners, corporate business development and investor networks is the second pillar.
Teams in the BizLab program have fast-track connections to industry experts and business partners in the global aerospace supply chain, in addition to aerospace industry customer networks.

The BizLab team in Hamburg.

The BizLab team in Hamburg.

3. Mentorship and coaching
Throughout the program, all teams are supported through an individual coach, which forms the third pillar. “Our set-up allows us to combine a tailored program for each team with group learnings that are applicable to all startups,” highlights Antje Bulmann, BizLab coach and the acceleration program’s manager in Hamburg.
In addition to coaching, executive mentors and a number of services support the teams to succeed. For example, “Learn and Act” sessions are offered to improve the pitching skills, to understand brand and trademark protection or to learn new prototyping methods. An extensive network of executives and experts are actively participating in the program as advisers or mentors for the startups.
4. Providing visibility
A wide ranging event plan and dedicated staff regularly provide the startups a stage to engage with the ecosystem in various ways. For example, at the “Innovators Bar” startups come together with managers from all Airbus areas for a casual drink and chat.
With BizLab the teams have the opportunity to participate in the biggest startup conferences and aerospace fairs. And dedicated meet-ups are organized with investors and innovators from other industries. “The events are really the oil in the engine for everything we do – bringing people together to do business and getting exposure to the market,” says Rey Buckman, BizLab Leader in Hamburg.
A Demo Day with Airbus decision makers, partners, customers and venture capitalists marks the final milestone of the BizLab program after six months. Successful teams continue to be supported with a post-acceleration service.


Startup applications should be for, but not limited to, the aerospace industry. Examples include, data analytics, autonomy, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), urban air mobility, electrification, robotics, 3D-printing, IoT, smart city, cybersecurity, VR, AR, satellite imagery and Blockchain.
In addition, this year the BizLab, together with the Airbus Foundation, is launching a specific search field that challenges startups to create innovative concepts that provide technical solutions to humanitarian challenges.
Applications for the campus in Hamburg and Toulouse can be submitted until July 23 for the Airbus BizLab Season #3. Pitch selections will be on August 29 and the program will start on October 4. For more info, visit the Airbus BizLab Homepage.

Meet Airbus BizLab at HEUREKA 2017
Interested startups should please contact Armin Rachwalik ( or Nils Wagner ( to set up meetings at the HEUREKA Founders Conference on 20th June 2017.
Photo Credit: Airbus BizLab