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Cardagram – Rocket Internet clones Instagram service Postagram Written by Charmaine Li on 5. June 2012


CardagramThe Rocket Internet cloning saga continues. This time, it’s Sincerely’s Instagram-pics-as-postcards service Postagram that’s been seized by the Samwer brothers. With namesake Cardagram, the Samwer brothers’ Berlin incubator have taken their first venture into the mobile app sphere to cash-in on the rousing Instagram hype.

With little more than a Google request error, there’s nothing to be seen on However, the German domain name was reserved back in May this year, by Rocket Internet CFO Oliver Samer and confidant Arnt Jeschke.


Postagram introduced an additional service back in April, which lets you upload the postcard pics to the internet by scanning the QR coded stamp with your iPhone. Once uploaded, the postcard can be shared on Twitter and both the sender and recipient receive credit toward their next Postagram.

The Instagram service goldrush

Sincerely has made its business by building up a suite of Instagram services, including PopBooth – which lets you turn four pictures into a photo-booth styled strip.

Of course, the Samwer Brothers aren’t the only copycats around. The Postragram service isn’t an original one in itself – with a string of similar models in contention. There’s also iPhone app Instapost, which uses high-quality, full-colour paper postcards to be shipped to anywhere in the world. Apple Cards launched a similar service to Postagram in October 2011 – allowing users to print and mail cards by selecting any photo taken with an iPhone or iPad.

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