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CareerFoundry Looks To Train New Techies With Online Mentorship Programmes Written by Elena Rueckert on 4. March 2014


CareerFoundry has announced the launch of its online tech mentorship programmes. For this, Founder and CEO Raffaela Rein has secured a €250,000 seed funding round led by business angel Stefan Glänzer.

CareerFoundry offers three-month long courses in the subjects of Integrated UX Design and Web Development and provides students with one-to-one contact with mentors as well as the support of an online student community. Upon programme completion, CareerFoundry ensures students a work portfolio and an introduction to the startup’s recruitment partners including ipotentials, Founders Keepers, Urban Linker and StartUp Bootcamp. Its programmes run five times a week, two hours a day and cost €900.

Considering the countless number of online learning courses available today, CareerFoundry points out the fast and highly individualized nature of its programmes. “Although the digital economy is booming, there is not a single proper vocation education provider online,” says Rein. “CareerFoundry is the first career accelerator and online vocational education provider for the digital economy that helps students go from zero to job ready in just three months.”

Before the launch of its mentorship programmes, the startup, formerly known as doBranch, spent six months researching the role of mentors in learning success. In a worldwide test of 250 students, 70% of those who had gone through the programmes landed a job in their chosen field.

Image Credit: CareerFoundry