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"I'm a Bob the Builder" – Oliver Samwer at CEO Berlin Written by Charmaine Li on 28. September 2012

Bob the Builder - Oliver Samwer

Oliver Samwer (left) & Lukasz Gadowski (right)

“In the internet industry, there are Einsteins and there are Bob the Builders. I’m a Bob the Builder,” stated Oliver Samwer in front of an exclusive crowd of 130 people at CEO Berlin.

The infamous world cloning King of the Rocket Internet empire, gave a rare and relaxed insight into his world over an interview with Lukasz Gadowski from Team Europe (closed off to the media). It’d been Samwer’s first appearance at a networking event in three years – preferring private work meetings over large gatherings.

“I execute,” he explained, in reference to his Bob the Builder comment, “others have great ideas,” he continued. Cartoon analogies ran rampant. In drawing comparisons between financing European-built companies with the US, Samwer reflected; “here, we just don’t have enough Scrooge McDucks.”

Questioned on the contentious departure of co-founder Florian Heinemann with more than 20 key staff members to kick-start Project A – no hard feelings felt, but little more than a “they’re doing a good job,” was cited when it came to talking business.

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