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Berlin's Changers re-energises with seven-figure funding Written by Michelle Kuepper on 15. January 2014

Green energy startup Changers today announced a seven-figure funding round from Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg, Heliocentris Energy Solutions and angel investors.


The news is a major endorsement for the Berlin-based company, which has had a tough run since being founded in 2010. After a shock insolvency in January 2012, it managed to turn its fate around with a relaunch in June 2012. Now, it looks like the revamped Changers is progressing well enough to convince new investors to come on board.

Changer’s main product is a thin, light solar panel and software to charge devices such as iPhones and laptops. It also has a web app and community where users can compare who has saved the most energy and CO2. In October 2012, Changers launched a marketplace to allow members to use the credits they earn from each hour of self-produced energy to buy sustainable products and services.

So far the Changers has sold 5000 solar devices, while 20 companies – including Coffee Circle, Wonderpots, Drive Now, Avocado Store and DHL – currently participate in the community. The team plans on using the fresh capital to grow the community and improve both the hardware and software – including building an app. They’re also working on new ideas for how to save CO2 to allow people who haven’t bought the solar device to also participate in the Changers community.

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