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Christmas Gift Guide 2012 – 10 perfect gift ideas for Startup Hipsters Written by Charmaine Li on 14. December 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – 10 Gifts for the Startup Entrepreneur

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – 10 Gifts for the Startup Entrepreneur

What to get the Startup Hipster who has everything? Presumably they already have vouchers for a coworking space, nose-breakingly heavy vintage specs and a wood-panelled iPad case. Here’s our rundown of the best gifts for the special Stipster in your life…

1) Patterned touchscreen gloves

MUJI Touchscreen GlovesFor Stipsters, staying connected is a way of life – Tweets and Instagrams are like water and oxygen and Facebook is like, um, gluten-free bread. In short, the things we need to survive. Luckily, Muji sells touchscreen gloves that have a discreet conductive material interwoven into the thumb, forefinger and third finger so your favourite startup person can stay productive at all times, even in the dead of winter. And they’re trendy enough, too. €19.94 at Muji

2) Ostrich pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Working at a startup means dedication and this often means Club Mate-fuelled deadline marathons. Sometimes, a short break is necessary to restore energy and unleash creativity. The Ostrich Pillow, designed by Kawamura Ganjavian, offers a cosy micro-environment so that a Stipster can take a much-needed power nap at any time – without having to leave their desk. 80 at Studio Banana Things

3) The App & Mobile Case Study book

The App & Mobile Case Study BookAccording to this Hipster Guide, when it comes to hipster fashion, there are two types of people in the world: those that ask “Why?” and those that ask “Why not?”

When it comes to Stipster strategy, there are two types of startups in the ecosystem: those who go mobile and those who don’t. To ensure the entrepreneur in your life understands the world of mobile before taking the plunge, give the gift of The App & Mobile Case Study Book which includes over 80 case studies of successful apps and mobile sites. €29.95 at Taschen

4) Website stencil kit

Website stencil kil

You know your Stipster friends are working on a new fashion/art/food blog because every time you look over their shoulder, all you see is a wireframe filled with Helvetica (not Arial). Want to help but don’t know how?

Consider UI Stencils‘ cool Website Stencil Kit. This kit takes website and app design deliciously, hipserishly analogue with a stainless steel stencil with popular UI iconography, mechanical pencil, downloadable template, plastic protector and UI stencils stickers. $19.95 – $26.95 USD at UI Stencils

5) sugru

sugruFor Stipsters, bootstrapping means furnishing their office with flea market finds and/or wearing the same pair of skinny jeans for the entire week.

From customising earphones to shock-proofing smartphones, sugru is the ultimate multipurpose gift. Because nothing says “we’re lean” like repairing your own laptop charger. €15 for 8 x 5g pack at sugru

6) Motivational posters

Startup Vitamins

To help Stipsters stay inspired, Startup Vitamins sells a variety of “museum quality” motivational posters. The online shop is run by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have experienced several failures (11 to be exact) and want to share their learned lessons to fellow entrepreneurs. After all, it’s always nice to be reminded that “Passion never fails” or “Life is short. Build stuff that matters”.
$26.00 USD for 18×24″ poster at Startup Vitamins, shipping available internationally

7) Six-month filter roast subscription

Square Mile CoffeeCoffee – it wakes you up, warms your heart and will keep you going. Whatever you do, don’t consider anything from Starbucks as a Stipster gift.

Instead, try hot London coffee boutique Square Mile Coffee’s six-month filter roast subscription. Each month, subscribers will receive a 350g bag of whole bean coffee roasted and ready to be brewed along with a letter describing the coffee and its journey.
£62 for a 6-month subscription at Square Mile Coffee, shipping in Europe available

8) Eisenhower matrix on A5 paper

Eisenhower Matrix on paper

Need an extra stocking stuffer? Check out this simply designed Eisenhower matrix in paper pad form. The product is perfect for jotting down and prioritising tasks. And 0ne of the colourful quadrants is sure to match your Stipster friend’s hand-knitted scarf, neon V-neck or Converse. €2.99 for a glue-bound pad with 50 pages at Eisenhower

9) Spotify Premium gift card

Spotify Premium

Searching for the newest indie band to play in the startup offices is almost as important as creating a usable application at a hackathon. Thankfully, Spotify offers gift cards so your hipper-than-hip friend can listen to bands before they are mainstream.
€59.94 for a 6-month gift card at Spotify

10) A Dragon lamp

Blom & Blom

Your founder friend just snagged a new office and is now looking to fill it with some vintage accessories (obviously). Blom & Blom’s Dragon lamp would make a perfect gift because the only thing cooler than an old lamp is an old lamp that used to be mounted in a Berlin factory during the DDR era. And if Blom & Blom lights are good enough for the Gidsy HQ, they must have some Stipster cred, right? €300 at Blom & Blom

Image credit: Spongebob Christmas photo – flickr user kevin dooley

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