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cloudControl gets Add-on Marketplace, becomes our "really useful thing of the week" Written by Linsey Fryatt on 7. March 2012

Every week, we want to bring you the websites, services or apps that will increase productivity, broaden your horizons or just brighten up your day.
This week, it’s a Really Useful Thing: cloudControl – a service that helps startups stop worrying about all the boring but essential stuff you need to scale. More after the jump…

Got a startup? Get your head back in the cloud

Ten years ago, if you were a web startup, a whole, humming room of expensive servers would be part of your setup. Now, thanks to cloud computing, you can rent and outsource.

cloudControl already offers a neat suite of cloud-based support – server space, automated deployment of your service etc – but a new suite of Add-ons offering essential apps such as load-testing, email platforms, SSL management and workflow tools that will help to free up beleaguered CTOs and allow product to fly to market.

But why bother paying when there are so many free productivity tools on the market? Founder Thomas Ruland explains: “Yes, there are lots of apps out there, but then you have to save and maintain them, and they are often built in different ways and incompatible withe one another. This way, all the hassle and worry and time-wasting is eliminated.”

Budding devs and service providers can also get in on the act by submitting a product o the Add-on Marketplace – just hit up hp[at] to discuss.

If you have an awesome website, service, app or a free coffee that you’d like us to take a look at, mail us at apps[at]