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Coffee, croissants and eCommerce – the breakfast of champions Written by Michelle Kuepper on 24. August 2012

The team behind Coffee Circle and Bonus Box know how to throw a good breakfast. Naturally, it’s the Fairtrade coffee that is the highlight, but the networking and eCommerce presentations from YourPainting, Coffee Circle and Upcload come in at a very close second.
Mingling in a relaxed atmosphere, the guests (mostly from eCommerce and internet startups) interrupted their eating, drinking and card-swapping to gain some insights into the future of selling online.
The keynote speakers had pearls of wisdom, focusing on the personalisation of online content, such as using shopper profiles to facilitate relevant newsletters and suggested sites. Zalando’s newsletter was pointed out as an example of a step in the right direction towards individualising eCommerce.
Presenter Andre Lutter introduced the audience to his startup, YourPainting, a personalised art service that offers users the ability to design their own oil paintings by choosing from over two million motives and uploading personal photos.
The artworks carry the ubiquitous ‘made in China’ tag, but Andre is quick to assure the audience that YourPainting stands against the big corporations who produce in China to exploit the cheap labour. He and his team travel to the studios they’ve set up in China four times per year, ensuring they know how all their artists are going and that their work environment is well maintained.
YourPainting is doing remarkably well, receiving orders f0r 10-25 paintings per day and employing 140 artists to guarantee quick turnaround: customers receive their paintings within 18 days of ordering. So now your dream of seeing your face painted on Napoleon’s body (one of the more popular orders, Andre tells us) can finally be realised..
On the other end of the e-commerce spectrum, Upcload offers a solution for all those too nervous to try out online shopping for fear of ending up €50 poorer and a shirt that fits in all the wrong places. The webcam measurement tool lets users find out their sizing by standing in front of a webcam, from both front and side on.
Not just a measuring service, it also shows you how you’ll look in different sizes-so if you want your T-shirt to be fashionably oversized you can see what it’ll look like without trying on a thing. Launching in October last year, Upcload recommends brands and clothing that will suit your measurements and body. It’s an example of the personalisation of e-commerce and with fans including the German Minister of Economics and Technology, Phillip Rösler, the future is looking bright for Upcload.

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