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Common jobs in the growing remote working industry Written by Michelle Beck on 24. March 2016

Remote working

There are many situations in life and work which make remote working ideal. Maybe you have a new family member and want to spend more time at home. Maybe you’re a student considering how to make money while travelling after graduation. Or maybe you’re just not happy where you are and you’re looking for a change.
If you consider yourself a nomad, an avid traveller or just someone who dreams of working from home, remote working may be for you.
There are many advantages and some disadvantages but especially in times of transition, it offers great flexibility. You’re not bound to a specific location or desk and this freedom provides serious benefits. It has also become an increasingly popular way of working.
This round up of common remote working jobs can help you decide where to focus your energy if telecommuting appeals to you.


Most consultants are sector-specialists. If you are knowledgeable and have strong work experience and industry expertise, many companies are looking for remote consultants. Especially in the fields of tech and marketing, hiring managers are happy to overlook borders to find promising talent.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an exploding industry. Many expats in Berlin come armed with their portfolio and land a job quicker than other freelancers. With many new remote jobs per year and the ability to combine art and technology, it’s a career path worth considering.

Freelance Writer

While a notoriously competitive market to break into, freelance writing can allow you to have a variety of clients and a great deal of freedom to create content you are interested in. Try contacting those magazines and publications that write about what you’re into and make sure to ask your current clients for references and referrals. This will help you to build a quality portfolio, which will help you find more stable work.

Software Developer

Software is often referred to as the international language. Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can communicate with code – and as the world keeps getting more global, this gives developers a competitive advantage in a clogged job market. As software becomes more pervasive in businesses and organizations (and more complex), there is a growing need for skilled people in this industry.

“…it is up to you to show what you have to offer and how the business can use your experience.”


Online Marketing Expert

As almost every start-up and established company is going digital so too is their marketing. There are jobs – like social media expert or email marketer – that didn’t exist ten years ago and are in high-demand today.


If you are proficient in multiple languages, many companies are seeking translators. You might end up working for a translation company in-house but there are plenty of opportunities to translate articles, webpages and books that you can do remotely.

Video Maker

While there may not be many people willing to fund your latest documentary idea, if you have a background in filmmaking many companies are looking for promotional material. This is in response to the ever-growing video media industry. You might also be able to work in a variety of cities and countries, so if seeing the world is high on your priority list, consider this exciting career path.
As our list shows, there are now many jobs you can do remotely. Companies are also more open to having employees who hold unique and varied positions, and often it is up to you to show what you have to offer and how the business can use your experience.
On that note, if you think remote working is right for you, there is a growing list of possibilities to make it happen. Embrace the changes in your life and the changes to the traditional workplace.