Speakers 2017


Join our smart workshops and learn from the pros. Get hands-on advice on the critical subjects when it comes to founding and developing a startup. Seats are limited – first come, first serve! No need to enroll beforehand.

VC Pitch 2017

You will get the unique opportunity to pitch your crackerjack idea to a selected group of VC’s: in 15-minute-slots startups are invited to seize their chance and pitch their idea to the investors. In turn, the VC’s will give their vote to their favorite startup and afterwards, the four best startups will pitch their ideas on stage in front of the HEUREKA crowd – it is going to be a hot battle!

And as we all know: there can only be one…

Keen on joining? Here’s another reason why you should be: the winner of the VC pitch will get superb surprises! Maybe the start of something big for you?


VCs 2017