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Helping publishers push to next-gen hardware – Contentful opens up beta with seed funding from Balderton and Point Nine Written by Nina Fowler on 26. June 2013



The web is more diverse and interactive than ever, yet developers and publishers are often stuck with the same old page-centric systems. Surely there’s a better way? Today, Berlin-grown content management system Contentful opened up its beta and announced seed funding from Balderton and Point Nine Capital to provide exactly that.

Contentful bills itself as the first cloud-based service to allow content to be distributed across any device, application or platform with a single input. In the company’s words:

Contentful has been built from the ground up to deliver content to apps on iOS, Android, or interactive HTML5 and JavaScript applications. Content is managed in a completely presentation-independent format and can be served to all current and future platforms, including Google Glass, smartwatches or even cars, with Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 integration.

It doesn’t matter what you need or what you might need in future, Contentfull will hopefully allow you to enter content in a way that’s structured to suit nearly everything. It’s not trying to replace WordPress or go after the traditional web publishing crowd – the targets here are next-gen applications and devices.

Contentful co-founders Sascha Koneitze and Paolo Negri previously built StorageRoom, an earlier version of the new product. StorageRoom managed to attract about 1000 international customers, who’ll now be invited to migrate over to Contentful. Existing accounts will remain live until the end of 2014.

As well as securing an undisclosed amount of seed funding from London-based VC Balderton and Berlin-based Point Nine, Koneitze and Negri have set up a glittering global advisory board including former Atlas Capital partner Alexander Bruehl, Erlang Solutions’ Francesco Cesarini, BBC Worldwide Chief Digital Officer Daniel Heaf, Bond Art + Science CEO Karen McGrance, Rovio EMEA and APAC advertising chief Todd Tran and serial entrepreneur Michael Wolfe.

Image credit:
smartphone: flickr user philcampbell


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