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DaWanda confirms – 11 employees let go Written by Charmaine Li on 15. October 2012

Creative online marketplace DaWanda has let go of a number of staff members after experiencing significant growth in the past year, the result of a refocusing of sparse resources. Apparently, the Berlin-based company is preparing itself for an offensive expansion into the European market.

width="516"DaWanda co-founders Michael Pütz and Claudia Helming – working to boost efficiency

DaWanda trimmed for efficiency

Founder and CEO Claudia Helming confirmed that eleven staff members have been let go from DaWanda. An anonymous source claimed that 15 per cent had been dismissed, a number that Helming would not confirm.

Numbering a total of 155 staff, the staff members being let go equal around seven per cent of the team. This number fits with Helming’s statement they are looking into improving the company’s performance, focusing on the success of DaWanda’s key areas. After growing rapidly, DaWanda is now trying to improve efficiency and is reviewing the areas in the business that did not develop as planned.

As far as capital is concerned, DaWanda is no position to complain. In April this year Insight Venture Partners invested a seven figure sum in the business, while at the end of last year Vorwerk Ventures and the British investor Piton Capital came on-board with DaWanda, investing a total €4million in the company.

DaWanda’s refocus

When asked about their European growth, Claudia Helming stuck to company protocol, saying developments looked very promising. Last September, the European marketplace launched in Poland, Italy and Spain and should now be up to 3000 to 4000 users and 500 to 1000 vendors.

The remaining 144 staff members are currently working in a 1400 square metre office in Charlottenburg – about four times the size of the old DaWanda office in Mitte.

DaWanda’s biggest challenge at the moment is refocusing the company to prepare for their European expansion. Considering the growth of staff, shops and even the leadership team, it’s hard for the company to establish which areas are working effectively and which aren’t. In light of DaWanda’s main competition, Etsy, which is also making an impact on the German market, Dawanda’s restructuring could be an important process for success.

Translated by Michelle Kuepper


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