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Delivery Hero to land in Russia Written by Charmaine Li on 9. November 2011

Delivery Hero Holding

From the simmering heat of Australia to the chilly north of Russia, Delivery Heroes will be saying “Privet” as they prepare to deliver servings of Shashliks and Pirozhkis in Russia this week.

For the past month, Berlin incubator; Team Europe (Venture Village investor), have been planting the seeds of Delivery Hero’s entrance into the Australian market. So far, the food delivery platform has joined forces with 400 Sydney restaurants as it slowly edges its way into the global market. CEO and co-founder Niklas Oestberg, hopes to begin operating in Melbourne by the end of this month and Russia – by the end of the week: “Expect big things for Delivery Hero Holding over the coming four months” he told Venture Village.

Delivery Hero Holding

The Delivery Hero’s Rivals

The idea behind Delivery Hero isn’t a new one. In Sydney, the budding business faces stiff competition with established food-delivery services; my Delivery, Menulog, Eatnow, and Moving Menus. As for the Ruskis, Turkey’s first and biggest online delivery platform; YemekSepeti, spread into the United Arab Emirates with FoodonClick, and Russia with IzRestorana – last year. YemekSepeti was arguably the first and leading e-commerce business model of its kind since it launched in 2000.

A little look at Germany’s Lieferheld

Delivery Hero works on the same concept as local-German version Lieferheld. Although the two appear joined at the hip, they’re regarded as two separate entities. Think of it as a sibling relationship, with Lieferheld as the older stay-at-home brother, Delivery Hero as the youthful traveller, and Team Europe as its parents.

Lieferheld launched in November 2010. With 4,000 restaurants across Germany and more than 120 employees, the service remains second best to its biggest competitor: Germany’s 10 year old market leader in online food ordering and delivery. The two big names in Germany have been known to butt heads, particularly during a recently settled court dispute concerning Lieferheld’s online-payment license.

Delivery Hero – Where to next?

With ever-expanding markets on the cards for Delivery Hero in Australia and Russia, there’s another vast and daunting land-mass to add: Asia. Details of an impending Asian-invasion are vague for now as Oestberg remains tight lipped on specifics. Watch this space.