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Delivery Hero enters Swiss market Written by Marguerite Imbert on 12. December 2011

Since launching only a year ago in Germany, online food delivery platform Delivery Hero/Lieferheld has already expanded to Russia, Australia, and Mexico. Today, the company announced its latest operational launch in Switzerland, acquiring a majority stake in Swiss market leader Foodarena with an undisclosed single-digit million euro investment. “Foodarena is an important step in our expansion strategy in Europe,” CEO Fabian Siegel told VentureVillage in an exclusive interview. “Even though Switzerland is a relatively small market it is a very profitable one.”
Sharing global ambitions with players like JustEat (based in London) and Grubhub (Chicago), Delivery Hero is currently the fastest growing online food delivery platform in Germany. In the first 12 months, the Berlin-based company has acquired more than 4,000 restaurants and over 200,000 customers in 700 cities across Germany. The fast sweep since the company’s founding amounts to 15 million euros in funds (the latest 8 million closed in November, led by the Moscow based ru-Net and Kite Ventures).
Foodarena is the first national food ordering platform in Switzerland, with popular reach in German-and French-speaking regions. Ending the historical burden of paper menus and flyers, Food Arena offers users an online order and delivery option as well as an iPhone app. This latest international expansion means that Delivery Hero/Lieferheld now has 150 employees on three continents working toward its company mission: to provide better food quickly and reliably. Let’s see where it’s popping up next!