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Carsharing platforms Drivy and Rentecarlo accelerate towards German launch Written by Niklas Wirminghaus on 18. February 2014


Germany’s carsharing market is about to get a lot more crowded: Rentecarlo and Drivy, two European P2P carsharing services, have announced that they will soon be expanding to Germany.

Based in France, Drivy is already advertising for a German country manager. The new hire will organise the startup’s market entry and build up a small team in Berlin. Launched three years ago, Drivy currently employs 17 people in its Paris office and is backed by prominent investors including Index Ventures and French VC Alven Capital.

Coinciding with Drivy’s news, Danish startup Rentecarlo also confirmed to VentureVillage’s sister magazine Gründerszene that it will be launching in Germany and the UK “within a few months”. At the moment the startup is still seeking investors, in part via crowdfunding platform FundedByMe.

The German private carsharing market is already quite crowded – Tamyca, Autonetzer and Nachbarschaftsauto are just some of the services competing in the area. Last autumn, German carsharing platforms came under fire from the Federal Association for Car Rental Companies – it claimed that the cars on offer on the platforms often had technical flaws, which could pose a “danger to life and limb”.

Image credit: AttributionNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by torbus

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