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Earlybird moves hub to Berlin Written by Marguerite Imbert on 23. December 2011

Earlybird announced today it is moving its entire Hamburg operations to Berlin, following the opening of a smaller office last April. Berlin is now Earlybird’s official home base as well as the playing ground for the company’s core team of investment professionals and operational staff. “We already have six companies in Berlin and expect this number to increase sharply over the next years,” said Christian Nagel, Managing Partner and co-founder of Earlybird.
So far, Earlybird’s investments in Berlin include Azeti ( CrowdPark (, EBS Technologies (, Madvertise (, Smava ( and Ubitrictiy (
Joining the company’s set of talent as new General Partner is US serial entrepreneur Jason Whitmire. “Many VC partnerships go stale after a while as they are either not able or willing to attract or retain the best new talent. We have a wider vision at Earlybird to create a very sustainable and long-term platform and this is reflected in our hiring and promotion strategy,” said Hendrik Brandis, Managing Partner and co-founder of Earlybird.
As one of Europe’s most successful venture investors (currently managing €430 million in assets), Earlybird’s presence and influence in Berlin will be a great asset to the city’s tech growth in 2012. Since its inception, Earlybird has invested in over 70 companies that have sparked some of the most significant innovations in business and technology. In addition to several successful trade sales, Earlybird has led six companies to an IPO at four different European exchanges (Interhyp, Tipp24, Wilex, Esmertec, entelos, and NoemaLife).
While Earlybird’s office in Munich will continue to operate ( due to the city’s strong B2B and cleantech environment), the upcoming year will prove whether Berlin can win over
some of its current functions as well.