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ebookmakr launches – breaking down the ebook publishing barriers Written by Michelle Kuepper on 8. October 2012

Entering the growing market of ebook publishers is Berlin startup ebookmakr, today launching its public beta version. The startup offers a free platform for writers to publish their work from all common file formats and blog posts, distinguishing themselves from the competition by offering a faster and less complex means of publishing.
The team is made up of founders (pictured from left to right) Carl-Christian Bruns, Rebecca Sunshine and Stefan Wolpers. They wanted to target the lay writer who doesn’t have the time or skills to deal with complex coding when creating their ebook. The app takes a grand total of five minutes to transfer content from WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot portals, with the team looking to bring out a version for Tumblr and Typepad.
“We don’t put up hurdles for the entry into digital publishing. It’s all about getting your content in and getting ebooks out.” says CEO and co-founder Wolpers. “Users can enjoy creating ebooks hassle-free: no sign-up fees; no lock-in; just ebooks.”
Using cloud-based software, ebookmakr has high aims of providing an all-in-one service for writers in the future. The business plans on making conversion tools for all major document formats, offering affordable collaborative working environment, print-on-demand services, distribution to e-book stores and even marketing for authors.
Wolpers puts the purpose of ebookmakr simply, asking: “Did you become a typewriter mechanic before you wrote your first letter on a typewriter? No. So, why would you – as a writer – have to learn HTML & CSS for writing an ebook?”

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