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eDarling online-dating rival ElitePartner fined €200,000 for misleading customers Written by Charmaine Li on 30. May 2012



EliteMedianet GmbH, operator of German online dating site ElitePartner, has been fined €200,000 out of a possible €250,000 by the Berlin District Court for misleading customers into doubling their contract membership period.

The Affinitas GmbH, operator of rival online dating company eDarling, obtained a preliminary injunction against EliteMedianet in December 2011.

EliteMedianet failed to change its policy over a two-month period, whereby customers were unaware that three and six-month memberships had doubled to six and 12-month contracts respectively.

eDarling alleges that EliteMedianet had not disputed that it had obtained millions of euros through its deception.

Managing Director of Affinitas Lukas Brosseder, today said “We are pleased that the court has accepted our view. It is essential for us that consumer rights have been confirmed at this point. In order to strengthen these rights exceeding the statutory minimum level, we have signed a code of conduct with other major competitors which provides further guidance to users – especially according to terms and conditions.”

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