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Former Gidsy founder Edial Dekker heads to the Valley to join Eventbrite Written by Michelle Kuepper on 7. February 2014

Edial Dekker

Edial Dekker

UPDATE: It has been a year of many changes for former Gidsy founder, Edial Dekker. His startup, which offered a peer-to-peer marketplace for tours and experiences, was taken over by tour booking platform GetYourGuide last May. Since then, Dekker has been busy heading up GetYourGuide’s Mobile section and integrating the Gidsy team and design features into the company.

Now, he’s ready for the next big thing: Dekker today announced he will be joining ticketing platform Eventbrite in its San Francisco headquarters, where he’ll be working in its product team from mid-March. Although he hasn’t ruled out founding another company in the future, for now Dekker is looking to learn from the well-established Silicon Valley company. Founded in 2006, Eventbrite employs over 200 people and has processed over $2bn in ticket sales.

It’s a long way from Dekker’s roots – born in Holland, the founder has been living in Berlin for over five years and, in that time, become somewhat of a poster boy for the startup scene here. His startup attracted a great deal of hype and was a media favourite, in part because of its celebrity investor Ashton Kutcher. That wasn’t enough, however, to allow Gidsy to flourish – prior to its takeover, the startup was said to be struggling due to poor traction and a lack of revenue.

That’s one of the reasons, Dekker told us, he’s so keen to join Eventbrite, where he’s confident he will be able to make the impact he aspired to with Gidsy. He also sees many parallels between the two companies: “With Gidsy, we wanted to build a global marketplace and bring people together around activities and allow organisers to easily organise things. Eventbrite is doing the same, but on a far larger scale”. Although Dekker said these parallels were somewhat lacking between Gidsy and GetYourGuide, he assured us that he is happy with the way Gidsy was integrated into the company and this wasn’t a reason for his departure.

As far as homesickness is concerned, Dekker claims that, while he will miss Berlin, he sees his move to San Francisco as the natural progression in his career. “I am excited to learn from more experienced people. Entrepreneurs in San Francisco learn fast, move fast and fail fast… It’s all on a far larger scale over there”, Dekker said.

This article was updated on 7 February 2014 to remove a quote from Eliad Dekker that was apparently misunderstood.

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