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The 5 most interesting startups from EuropeanPioneers Demo Day Written by Michelle Beck on 15. April 2016

The EuropeanPioneers program boosts digital SMEs and web entrepreneurs in the European media and content sector. They provide public funding as well as an intensive 8-month accelerator program. Out of 661 applications, 13 startups were selected for the program and pitched at the demo day. In addition to seeing the 13 present, 5 Berlin-based startups (CampusScout, Coachimo, NowDiscover, Zehndetails and HiMate) pitched.
All startups showed promise but we chose the 5 that peaked our interest the most after seeing their pitches on stage.

European startups with big ideas – is trying to fix one major problem with language schools – heterogeneity. This is a problem especially for the over 1 million refugees who have arrived in Germany without knowing the language. knows one-on-one instruction works best but that it is commonly too resource-intensive. Its hybrid-model of in-person and software language tools makes it like Skype for language learning.
INFARM – The major question for Infarm is “How to feed 9 billion people by 2050?” Since 50% of food is wasted in transportation before arriving at its destination, Infarm aims to eliminate the need for importing food, especially vegetables, by providing ‘vertical farming’. Their dream? For cities to be self sufficient in their food production.
Change Alert – There’s been a lot of talk about E-Health and Change Alert (soon to be rebranded as Dignisen) wants to improve quality of life for those with incontinence. Their product is a moisture sensor for diapers which sends information to an online platform. It’s being tested in UK hospitals and aims to bring dignity back to seniors and other people dealing with incontinence.
DooWapp – Ever wanted to cheer up a friend your messaging with some lyrics to a song? Enter DooWapp. This startup lets you add playable lyrics to any part of your message. Their vision is to be Giphy for music and they’ve just signed a deal with Sony ATV.
Watly – Watly is a big idea aiming to solve three major problems: access to clean water, connectivity and electricity. The solution? A new technology that purifies water from contamination without the need for filters, provides solar-powered energy, that can also recharge external devices, and is a powerful communication device. Watly is a stand alone machine, a “thermodynamic computer”, that may affect the lives of millions of people.

Image: Frau Freund