High Tech Grün­der­fonds

High Tech Grün­der­fonds
  • Maurice Kügler, Investment Manager & Louis Heinz, Investment Manager
  • Factors to invest: Team, Technology, Timing

About High Tech Gründerfonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a powerful engine that drives the success of tech-driven start-ups. Armed with expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, the experienced team of investment managers and start-up experts guide top companies on their journey until the exit phase. HTGF focuses on high-potential start-ups active in the sectors of software, media, internet, hardware, automation and robotics, life sciences (medical technology, diagnostics, biotechnology) and chemicals. This group also includes a number of success stories, such as Mister Spex, Rigontec, 6Wunderkinder, Next Kraftwerke and Cumulocity, as well as Juniqe, an online shop for art enthusiasts.

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