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ExploreB2B goes international Written by Max Hall on 12. January 2012


Business connections network site ExploreB2B is going international with today’s launch of an English language version of the site.

“We spoke to a lot of business people in America who are very receptive about what we are doing,” ExploreB2B founder Susanna Gebauer told VentureVillage, “we were asked many times when we would be operating an English language site.

“It is also important that there is a lot of knowledge exchange from universities, especially in science and economics and the international language of both is English.”

Three months after receiving a six-figure funding injection, Berlin-based ExploreB2B has already attracted an active community of around 1,500 professionals, including employees working at big names like consultants Accenture.

ExploreB2B – a noticeboard of interests
The start-up works as a noticeboard where professionals can advertise their products and business interests and network according to shared interests.

“The problem with networking through other social media is that your interests and offering disappear within a day on a site like Facebook,” added Gebauer, who explained that the quality, rather than the quantity of users is paramount to her and her co-founder brother Jonathan Gebauer.

“We want to be as big as possible of course,” added Gebauer, “but it is more important that we have a core of active users rather than a large number of people who register and then disappear.”

Monetisation plans for ExploreB2B
ExploreB2b is considering future moves into Russia and Spain but its next development is likely to be the introduction of paid-for premium features to monetise the start-up.

German entrepreneurs on the need for English language blogs