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EyeEm 3.0 – just-launched new app puts photo discovery at your fingertips Written by Charmaine Li on 7. September 2012



Popular photo sharing and editing app EyeEm has today relaunched into version 3.0 on iOS and Android with a live discovery tool in what is arguably, the first of its kind.

EyeEm iOS MenuEyeEm Droid GridThe new, keystone feature is a personalised feed of other users’ photos based on location and trending topics worldwide. It also presents content you might like, by remembering what types of photos are personally viewed most.

“Anytime you contribute a pic or navigate through – the app learns a bit more about you. The more you use it, the better it gets in recommending content and engaging users. That’s when it gets more fun and interesting,” co-founder and CEO Florian Meißner explains – when you travel, whether it’s in your city or in another country, the app changes with you.

EyeEm iOS Picture“If there’s an amazing ice creamery where people take lots of pictures on EyeEm, then we’d recommend it to you if you’re in that location,” Meißner says.

“There’s this contextual layer which are your interests, so what sports you’re into, what conferences you’re attending. If you’re a foodie you could discover the cool, new restaurant around the corner if people have taken pictures there.”

The new EyeEm comes on the back of their one-year anniversary celebration. “The discovery tool was our vision from the get go. Many photo apps have rushed into creating crazy, new filters since the rise of Instagram, but the photo editing space was never our goal,” Meißner says.

“We’re realising our vision of what is possible through smartphone photography, to offer people alternative, relevant images of the world around them, sorted and tailored to their interests and lifestyle,” he adds. “It’s something genuinely unique in this space, and we’re now looking forward to more content from our global community.”

EyeEm, which has gradually expanded to a team of 15, has atrracted a big following throughout Asia, Russia, Turkey, Germany and the UK. “Our biggest users are, surprisingly in Mexico City and Bangkok. Jakarta is also picking up a lot,” Meißner says.

With a strong,conservative grassroots campaign, Berlin-based EyeEm is expected to hit the one million user milestone within the next few months. And it’s all thanks to good ol’ organic growth with no major funds injected into marketing and advertising campaigns. “We’ve invested heavily in our community and building relationships. So we’re seeing a very highly engaged community with these strong social connections,” Meißner says.

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