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What We're Watching: All Eyes on EyeEm Written by Marguerite Imbert on 21. November 2011

EyeEm Projection Street Show

Last week, Flo Meissner (EyeEm co-founder) headed to London to honor EyeEm’s nomination at The Europas in the category of Best Mobile or Apps Startup. Last night, he huddled around with the rest of us for the world’s first live, uncut street art photo exhibition curated entirely by mobile users. “We’re not trying to build a tech product,” he told me as the music started, a 30×30 meter graffiti skull appeared on the brick wall in front of us, and everyone looked up from their beers. “It’s all about amateur photographers, people around the world just looking to share what they’re seeing.”

EyeEm Projection Street Show

The Scoop: EyeEm Street Art Projection Show

The Sound:Save My Darling,” David Steinberg
The Spot: The corner of Chausseestraße and Schwartzkopffstraße (Mitte)
Who’s Your (API) Daddy?: Foursquare

The Crowd: One woman (an LA native) was in town for the week from Paris, where she’s writing a book called “My Jesus Year” (built of 33 chapters, each of which represents a separate revelation about doing the things you’ve always wanted to do). “Will this make it into the book?” I asked her, as we pointed out a couple recognizable graffiti artists in the mix (among them, Blu and Space-Invaders). “Certainly!”

EyeEm Wet Dream: Wembley Stadium, packed, Germany against the UK.
After Party: Vodka shots + confetti at Picknick
After Thoughts: See Letter From the EditorEyeEm Street Art Projection Show

Selected Guests (Left to Right): Susanne Buckler; Lisa Jaspers; Nadia Boegli, Andreas Bohlender, Jenny Sundel