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Facebook Flotation Day – Facebook by Numbers Written by Charmaine Li on 1. February 2012


As Facebook gets ready to pull the trigger on an eagerly-anticipated stock market float, with an expected $10bn listing, we take a look at the empire’s impressive numbers…


100 billion US dollars is the estimated value of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire

Facebook is poised at becoming valued in the region of $100bn when it goes up for public listing this week. It’s the most hotly anticipated tech floatation since Google.

800 million active users

80% of those users are outside the United States.

Facebook is expected to hit a billions users within a few months, far surpassing social-network rival Twitter which has 500 million users to its name.

500 million people use an app on Facebook

….. or experience Facebook on other websites

350 million people use Facebook on their mobile devices


250 million photos are uploaded per day


7 million apps and websites are integrated with Facebook


1 million comments

A post on Facbook has received over a million comments this week, achieved from a record-attempt by 107 fans of the game Fronteirville.

3000 Facebook employees

.. and growing!

130 is the number of average friends per user


70 languages are available on the site

Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application