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German Facebook facts – Frankfurt airport is a favourite place, Mesut Özil a high scorer and Rammstein rock 30 times more than Merkel Written by Linsey Fryatt on 23. November 2012

Fascinating fanpage data sheds some light on the world’s favourite German Facebook pages

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UPDATE: we changed this piece to reflect that the numbers were of global usage rather than limited to German “Likes”.

According to Facebook, the favourite place for people to check in in Germany is Frankfurt airport, the favourite film this month is Karate Kid (the new version), and the campaign to clear Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg is high on the political agenda. Oh, and everyone likes Nutella.

Rammstein and Mesut Özil are two of the most popular German celebrities on the social networking platform, while political causes and parties enjoy the least Likes. FC Bayern München is the favourite German football club in the world, according to Facebook, with over five million fans.

The raw German Facebook numbers

We reported earlier in the week on the new round of investment for Prague-based social media analytics firm SocialBakers and in the process of checking them out, we uncovered some fascinating national statistics.

Eerily mimicking the Startup Genome data, Germany somewhat lags behind its European counterparts in France and the UK in terms of Facebook usage. With just over 25 million users, 30.61 per cent of Germans use Facebook, and only 38.68 per cent of all those online use it – a relatively low penetration, especially given that over half of the populous are Facebook users in the US and UK.

Delving into the German favourites


Germany’s favourite brands

SocialBakers gathered together some analytics on the favourite German brands, celebs, entertainment and places recorded on the social media platform and the results give us a quick peek into the national obsessions in the 21st Century.

The favourite brand page is, although McDonald’s comes a close second.

Apart from these two multinationals, other brands inspiring loyalty are all homegrown, including Kinder, Lidl, Lufthansa and Nutella. Wooga, the Berlin-based social gaming company comes in at number nine in the Top 10.

Frankfurt beats “Berlin airport”

The most popular place for Facebook check-ins are, unsurprisingly, airports, with Frankfurt Airport proving most popular, followed by Düsseldorf and then, rather confusingly “Berlin Airport”. On closer inspection, it’s not the fabled Brandenburg location, but good old Tegel.

Heidi Klum versus Angela Merkel

Favourite German celebrities

Favourite German celebrities

Perhaps unsurprisingly, celebrities fare better than politicians on Facebook – footballer Mesut Özil has over seven million fans, DJ Paul van Dyk has two million and model and TV host Heidi Klum over a million.

By comparison, Angela Merkel has only 208,000, coming second to the political campaign to clear the name of shamed CSU politician Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg. In fact, by the end of the Top 10, political causes are dropping to numbers just scraping the thousands. Even The Scorpions have over a million fans.

That said, the data from fan pages is taken from worldwide Likes, so you can expect Rammstein to score more highly than Merkel worldwide.

Sporting heroes


German sporting heroes

Sport is another popular area on Facebook. As well as Özil, basketball player Dirk Nowitski, Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller and Arsenal’s Lukas Podoiski score highly. Bayern Munich’s popularity is so high that it bests even the German National Team – in fact, three times as many people like München than die Nationalmannschaft.

Slow Twitter uptake

Other social media channels, however, have enjoyed far less success than Facebook – Twitter usage in Germany is still lagging behind significantly. Musician Robert Holzberg tops the charts with over a million followers (as @soundinvisible), although he’s still got a long way to go to beat Lady GaGa’s 31 million.
Most of the Twitter Top 10 are musicians or sportspeople, with van Dyk and Özil ranking again. A surprise entry at No 9 though for classical violinist Naoko Matsui (@rosengartener). For the full Twitter stats see the list here.
What do you think? Do these social media stats reflect the tastes of Germany? Have your say below…

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