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Facebook launches redesign. Bigger photos, bigger stories. Big deal? Written by Charmaine Li on 8. March 2013

Facebook Redesign

Facebook has unveiled a major redesign of your News Feed with less clutter and a strong emphasis on visuals – larger photos, vibrant colours and cleaner typography.

Facebook Redesign

The latest release comes with a significantly wider news feed that has been described as “going from a little Trinitron 20-centimeter TV to buying a widescreen“. So sorting your news feed will become even more important – unless you want to be bombarded by in-your-face updates from people you don’t care about.

Fortunately, the design overhaul comes with increased control of your news feed so that more relevant stories will be delivered. Facebook has introduced additional options to the existing news feed including streams titled All Friends (posts exclusively from your friends), Photos (images from friends and Pages you “Like”) and Music (a feed solely about music-related activity) among others.

Not only does the mobile-inspired makeover complement the Timeline, launched in 2011, it also promises a more consistent and seamless user experience across all devices, something that Facebook has struggled with the past.


Bigger photos, bigger stories, bigger ads

The new visual-heavy format is clearly aimed at getting users to stay longer on the site but will it work? The sheer size of the stories appearing in the news feed means that users can be compelled by content more easily, but can just as easily be repelled by it.

So far, the facelift has been mostly well-received by the press – but how will users react to the change? It’s difficult to predict. However, past redesigns have been met with initial resistance and an onslaught of complaints from change-averse users.

The new design will be rolling out in over the coming weeks, first on web and iOS followed by Android. If you fancy yourself an early adopter, here’s a link to join the waiting list to try it out first.

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