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Facebook rolls out shared photo albums that let you collaborate with your friends Written by Michelle Kuepper on 27. August 2013

Facebook is introducing shared photo albums that allow multiple users to upload pictures and collaborate on albums. Album creators are able to add contributors via a new button in the top left hand corner, according to Mashable.

The amount of photos each contributor can add is capped at 200, with a maximum of 50 people able to collaborate on an album. This means users are able to create huge photo albums – at the moment, individual albums are restricted to 1,000 photos.


The privacy settings of the new shared album feature lets the creator decide if they want to only keep it within the contributors, the contributors’ friends, or the public. Currently, the creator has the power to delete or edit all photos uploaded, but contributors are allowed to alter their own pictures. Album-makers can choose whether to allow those collaborating to invite other contributors.

Although it’s good news for Facebook users that may be sick of seeing their friends post five separate albums of one music festival, the new feature is a strike against startups offering similar tools. Considering that Facebook dominates online private photo storage and sharing, its latest feature could spell the end for startups providing collaborative photo albums such as Flock, Albumatic and Kicksend, amongst others.

Mashable reports that the new feature was created during an internal Facebook hackathon with some of its engineers. The feature is currently being rolled out for Facebook users in the US, before it expands to other English-speaking countries. For now, is only available as a desktop feature.

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Image credit: Flickr user martinak15

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