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Fanpage Karma: Which Berlin startups are nailing it on Facebook? Written by Nina Fowler on 27. July 2012

TechCrunch versus VentureVillage

If you can’t tell a meme from a dud post, there are third-party Facebook analytics tools popping up to help. Socialbakers, backed by $2 million in Series A funding from Berlin’s Earlybird Venture Capital, and patronised by Vogue, Vodafone and McDonalds, is one. Fanpage Karma, officially launched this week by Berlin-based duo Nicolas von Kanitz and Stephen Eyl, the team behind Tricider, is another.

VentureVillage beats TechCrunch

Both Fanpage Karma and Socialbakers, which also covers Twitter and YouTube as part of its “Pro” analytics package, have an edge over Facebook Insights in that they allow easy comparisons against competitors.
The newcomer stands out for its natural language results – “VentureVillage likes to post on Fridays but is more successful on other days” – and appeal to our competitive streak. Right there on the landing page, there’s an option to compare yourself and a rival. We pick TechCrunch. We win. Why?
TechCrunch versus VentureVillageFanpage Karma places more weight on engagement than the number of fans a page has. “Karma” (the 5.9 and 4.0 figures above) is calculated daily and refers to likes, comments, shares and votes. Page performance is given as a percentage figure and combines karma, growth and total fans.
The full fan-page analysis (available for a €49.90 monthly subscription) offers some 20 more reports – ranging from top influencers and fan gender split, to which posts are most successful and when.
Co-founder Nicolas von Kanitz explains the vision behind Fanpage Karma:

Think of some people doing Facebook marketing for their small- and medium-sized companies. They don’t have daily changing content like you have with your blog, but they still want to engage their fans and post several times a week. With Fanpage Karma we try to help fan page owners to answer the following questions:
#1 What should I post about? (topics, trends…)
#2 How should I post? Short, long, funny, serious…
#3 At what times should I post?
We think that with the help of the different graphs, the morning report and the dashboard (list of competitors and interesting pages), it is much easier to improve your own postings every day.”

Which Berlin startups are nailing it?

There’s also the option to create fan-page rankings, to provide insights into the top performers in each sector. Check out the ranking for Berlin startups below:
Berlin startups top 10
Algorithms are no substitute for common sense (TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Tsotsis grilling Klout founder Joe Fernandez at LeWeb is worth the view). Still, if you’re wondering where to start improving your Facebook management, Fanpage Karma is easy to use and affordable. At the very least, it’s a possible source of bragging rights.


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