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FbStart – Facebook's event for startups in Berlin on 10 October 2013 Written by HEUREKA editorial on 3. October 2013



SPONSORED POST Startup “CXOs” and key developers in marketing and user acquisition or mobile development will get the opportunity to learn directly from the Facebook team at the FbStart Event in Berlin on 10 October 2013.

Speakers at FbStart will include Facebook’s Managing Director Northern Europe Martin Ott and Konstantinos Papamilitiadis, Head of Platform Product Partnerships EMEA.

In half-day sessions, startups will learn how they can use Facebook’s dynamic tools to accelerate user growth, improve targeting, increase loyalty and optimise conversion. The team will also present best practices on using Facebook Connect, and talk about Parse and how to drive mobile app installs.

Facebook’s solutions are used by generations of startups of the likes of Spotify, Airbnb and Goodreads. Part of these companies’ success can be attributed to utilising Login and other Open Graph API features as well as Facebook’s advertising tools. They were followed by companies like, YPlan and Hailo that implemented mobile in-app monetisation solutions. Brands can decide to reach TV-sized audiences within seconds or shift marketing expenses from one country to another instantly.

As your business grows from local startup to, potentially, a successful multinational, its marketing, distribution and community needs will change rapidly. It is Facebook’s goal to assist startups and local businesses better in this process, to help you scale and better understand the opportunities around the Facebook platform – particularly in a mobile world.

FbStart will take place at Gasometer Berlin, TorgauerStrasse 12, on 10 October 2013, from 2pm to 7pm. Attendance is free, but capacity is limited so register early for the chance to improve your business:

This article is a sponsored post.