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FinTech expert: Digitalisation in Germany needs to be seen as a chance, not as a risk Written by Christine G. Coester on 31. January 2017

Startup Notes posted a brilliant interview with Yassin Hankir, the co-founder of Savedroid (German), a FinTech startup.
Hankir is also the co-founder of Vaamo (German), a robo-advisor startup.
Listen below as Hankir shares lessons learned from co-fouding two FinTech startups and the role of digitalisation in Germany.

“You should not be frustrated by the chance of failing. Go all in for an idea and try to build a company around it. If you fail, stand up and try again by working on another thing. It took me some years to get into this mindset and I’m still not fully there. Before, I thought that if I fail once, I will stop there and will need to do a consultancy job or work in a corporate firm again.”

In this episode:

  • Why Hankir thinks digitalization is a threat to Germany as long as it is not seen as a chance
  • Hankir’s main learnings from working as a consultant at McKinsey and from being the founder of two FinTech startups
  • How he first brainstormed on how a FinTech should look like to be successful in Germany and then came up with idea of Savedroid
  • Deep dive into Savedroid’s business model
  • The best advice Hankir received so far, which was given by a friend
  • Hankir’s best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • How he convinced Kilian Thalhammer (Startup Notes Podcast Speaker) to become a business angel in Savedroid
Photo via Savedroid