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Exclusive: FOUNDD hits 1M ratings 5 days after launch Written by Marguerite Imbert on 16. July 2012

This morning, we received a curious email from FOUNDD CEO Lasse Clausen. Within the hour, the movie-recommendation platform will have reached 1 million ratings, he told us, much to his delight. After positive reviews in TechCrunch and VentureVillage last week, David Galloway’s short but enthusiastic post in Lifehacker this weekend pushed the web-based platform over the edge. “On Saturday night the traffic was choking our servers,” Clausen told us. “We got lifehackerized.”

width="516"From left to right, the founding team: Peter Mådel, Benjamin Metz, Christian Riedel, and Lasse Clausen

Behind the immediate virality is FOUNDD’s “getting to know you” quiz, where users are asked to rate a series of randomly-selected movies in quick succession on a scale from one to five stars. After you complete ten (the minimum required for the webapp to create a baseline against which to measure recommendations thereafter), you’re prompted to add your friends. Because the majority of the early users signed up via Facebook or Twitter, the platform caught fire. Users picked up to five friends from a convenient watchlist, sometimes multiple times. “The group recommendations set off a viral loop,” Clausen told us. “We put in a night session to add more servers.”

Bootstrapped by the Berlin-based team since January, FOUNDD is aiming to extend its unique discovery experience beyond movies to include TV series and shows, internet video, entertainment apps, books and games. Still, their logo is nothing more ambitious than a couch. “We’re giving users a comfortable, stress-free way of finding and watching movies alone or in groups,” Clausen tells me as he flips through couch sketches from the team’s Art Director Benjamin Metz.

Stay tuned for more progress reports from Berlin’s finest startups.

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