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Foundd goes live – helping you and your friends master the art of film selection Written by Nina Fowler on 11. July 2012

Foundd founders

Berlin-based recommendation service Foundd this week came out of private beta, offering a solution to the familiar problem of deciding on a film to watch, both alone (relatively easy) or as a group (much more painful).
Foundd founders
Foundd is the brainchild of founding team Lasse Clausen, Christian Riedel, Benjamin Metz and Peter Mädel (pictured right to left).
“I was going to watch a DVD with a friend who had a nice home theatre, and I was in the video shop trying to rent a DVD and he’s at home, and it was painful trying to agree on a movie. That was the moment I first thought about it,” Clausen told Silicon Allee.
“I’d had the idea on how to structure the algorithm four years ago when I was living in New York… then four years later I’m standing in this video shop and I thought, ‘let me look at the market because there’s nothing omnipresent that everyone uses.’”
Sign up to Foundd via Facebook, Twitter or email and take a short quiz to help it figure out your tastes, and you’ll end up with a tailored watchlist. Films on the watchlist can be re-rated or deleted and you can create group watchlists with up to five people, so you and your lover/friends/family will always have at least a few promising options on hand. It might not prevent scraps but it will hopefully make them quicker to resolve.
There are plenty of competitors – Netflix and Hunch among them – but none seem to be as focused on creating a service for groups. Clausen has also pointed out that, unlike Netflix, the service is not limited to a single catalogue and can be expanded to include games, books and apps (all coming soon).
The team, so far bootstrapped, are aiming first at the US market. As for the business model – users can click through to the content they’ve been recommended, with Foundd receiving a cut from subsequent purchases from partners such as Netflix and iTunes.


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