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Acquisition expert Julian Riedlbauer on creating startups with high exit potential Written by Startup Notes on 6. April 2017

Julian Riedlbauer is one of the best connected startup and technology industry experts in Germany. Riedelbauer has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, and in mergers and acquisitions.
He started his career as a computer expert in the early 90s when he saw the market demand for network hardware: He went on to import products from Asia and the US and distribute them in Germany.
After many successful years as a founder, he sold his company to a competitor and continued on with mergers and acquisitions.
Riedlbauer next career move was become managing director at Corporate Finance Partners, an international financial advisory firm focused on the Internet, media and technology sectors. He later founded the mergers and acquisitions boutique Pure Equity Advisors, which was acquired by GP Bullhound, a British investment bank.
In 2011 alone, he completed mergers and acquisitions projects with an aggregated transaction volume of 300 million euros.
Today, Julian Riedlbauer is partner and head of GP Bullhound’s German office. GP Bullhound provides advice in the technology sector on raising institutional capital, and mergers and acquisitions. With offices in San Francisco, London, Stockholm and Berlin, GP Bullhound has completed over 210 transactions for many category leaders, such as Signavio and Delivery Hero.

“All successful startups show a combination of a great business model, the right timing and a competent team that has the resilience to go through hard times – and also some luck.”

In this podcast Riedlbauer shares which fundamentals founders need to have in place to build companies with a high exit potential. He also tells the story of how an entrepreneur once turned down an offer to avoid being bored after selling his company.
Here are the topics that covered in this podcast with one of Europe’s top mergers and acquisitions experts for startups:
[01:37 – 02:52] Riedlbauer’s career path — from the early beginning until now
[02:53 – 04:36] What a typical day in his life looks like
[04:37 – 05:35] On what is fundamental for a successful company
[05:37 – 08:36] What distinguishes great entrepreneurs from the rest
[08:37 – 10:30] On seeing an opportunity and building a successful company
[10:31 – 12:00] The markets to look at for finding business model inspiration
[12:01 – 15:44] Most promising industries for founding a company right now
[15:45 – 16:59] On the best startups he has seen in 2016
[17:00 – 18:36] How entrepreneurs endanger a company’s future exit potential
[18:37 – 20:27] How an entrepreneur can ‘wow’ him during an investment pitch
[20:28 – 23:09] The most exciting and most devastating moments in his career
[23:10 – 25:28] The best advice he was given in his career
[25:29 – 26:52] About the dealmaking business of GP Bullhound
[26:53 – 28:40] Advice he has for first-time founders
This text originally appeared on Startup Notes.

Photo credit: GP Bullhound