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Gidsy goes global Written by Charmaine Li on 1. December 2011

Gidsy Global

The Gidsy gang is taking over a neighbourhood near you. So far; the online social marketplace has hit up Berlin and, recently – New York, with plans to expand into Amsterdam in the coming weeks. Whether you want to ‘dry surf’, go on a paint speed date, take a figure-running masterclass, or just learn how to make a good cuppa, it’s all there to be found. In turn, anyone can make their own; tour, class, or social-gathering. Think of it as a well organised noticeboard of ‘things to do’ – created by locals and experienced by anyone for a modest fee.

Gidsy Global

Having launched a month ago, the Berlin start-up is currently sitting on 200 bookings across the two big cities; “We never imagined it would become so popular,” said CEO Edial Dekker. We caught up with Dekker after his recent whirlwind tour of New York where he scooped out Gidsy’s new market. “It was great, we took a dumpling tour through China town and just got to talk to lots of New Yorkers and make new friends. There are some really good ideas going on in this marketplace, and there seems to be a need for the platform,” he added.

Plans to reach the founders’ native Amsterdam market – won’t stop there. Gidsy’s going for the ‘big time’. “We definitely want to become a global marketplace that is not just in the States and Europe, but everywhere,” said Dekker. Gidsy is also looking at adding a ‘special request’ feature to its website; “It means that people arriving in town can say ‘I’m here for two weeks with four friends, can someone organise something?’ then those that see it can post up their own tour ideas for a fee, and the visitor can pick and choose between some suggested itineraries and tours,” said Dekker. “Our goal is to empower people, so people can be creative. Our dream is for people to really make money from this.”

Image credit: Flickr user Utenriksdept