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Gidsy launches in London this week after San Francisco rollout Written by Linsey Fryatt on 24. January 2012

gidsy london

Gidsy, the Berlin-based community activity booker, has continued its global expansion following its latest $1.4 million funding round that included Ashton Kutcher by launching in London tomorrow (25 January).
gidsy london
The UK capital will join Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and, most recently, San Francisco on the Gidsy global map and participants from these cities can now log in and join as activity and experience providers or buyers.
The London launch, described as “quick and dirty”, follows from San Francisco on 20 January.
“The culture in San Francisco is completely different in SF than NY,” said CEO Edial Dekker in an interview with VentureVillage. “For one thing it’s more active. For an experience-based platform, these are interesting sociological challenges that we take interest in meeting.”
Londoners can already create a Gidsy listing so that the UK launch site will be populated for tomorrow.
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