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Gidsy teams up with Jamie Oliver Written by Nina Fowler on 11. April 2012

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver
Gidsy is teaming up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to promote good food and healthy lifestyles, in a move that should help boost the company’s presence in the UK.
Oliver is sponsoring a Food Revolution Day on May 19th, with participants from around the world invited to create and attend local food-related events (cooking classes, gardening tutorials, dinner parties). Berlin-based Gidsy is the platform of choice for event registration.
“From the very beginning of Gidsy, food has played an important role in our community. Actually, failing to find wild mushrooms was one of the sparks behind starting Gidsy 9 months ago!” Gidsy’s CEO Edial Dekker wrote in a blog post announcing the partnership.
“Knowing where our food comes from, being able to grow our own produce and educating people how to cook (and enjoy doing it!) are the first steps in building a world without pink slime, high-fructose corn syrup and bland, mass-produced food.”
Interested parties can host or sign up for events through the Food Revolution Day website or on Gidsy’s campaign page. Funds raised will go to support the Jamie Oliver Foundation’s food education projects in the UK, US and Australia. So far, the campaign is clocking about 22,500 followers on Twitter.
Gidsy is a marketplace that lets anyone host or sign up for an event or experience – from dumpling making in New York’s China Town to a tour of the river Spree. Since starting up in 2011, it has expanded to cover six cities and attracted an impressive lineup of investors, most recently Sunstone Capital, Index Ventures, Werner Vogels (of Amazon), Peter Read (UK) and Ashton Kutcher in a funding round that raised $1.4 million.
Image credit: flickr user really short