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Gidsy: A Beta version Written by Charmaine Li on 3. November 2011

Berlin’s hip new social-network Gidsy ( has officially been launched. After a busy month of tweaking and fine-tuning, the folks behind the Berlin-based startup can now sit-back and watch it all unfold. But, before you think ‘not another social-network’, think again. As the slogan goes; “Gidsy is a marketplace for authentic experiences”, and it’s all locally driven –in Berlin and very soon; New York. Improving on the idea of accommodation marketplace AirBnB, Gidsy acts as a well ordered noticeboard of fun ‘things to do’. Embracing a real community-like spirit, you can join or start up a unique tour, cooking class, photography lesson or party.


It goes a little something like this..

The website is clean, charming, and easy-to-follow. You can choose to either find and join upcoming activities for a small fee, or be an event host. It’s free to post an event, however, Gidsy takes a 10% cut from any bookings made and paid for. Prices for joining activities vary, but if you sign up, paying online is secure and straight forward.

Gidsy received ten bookings within the first 30 minutes of opening, and excitement’s spreading on Twitter

Twitter posts on Gidsy