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GIF becomes word of the year… Loopcam partly responsible Written by Linsey Fryatt on 19. December 2012

Loopcam keeps the hype alive by releasing LOL-rich new features

Whether you consider animated GIFs to be jocular little moving windows into modern life, or the juddering rot of online culture, there’s absolutely no denying their rise over the past year. Just ask the Oxford English Dictionary.

Today it announced that GIF has become the OED’s Word of the Year. Never one to pass up a good marketing opportunity, Loopcam, the Berlin-based animated GIF platform has broken out some brand-new features, as well as a first hint at monetisation in the form of a partnership with underwear empresario, fellow Swede and former tennis champ, Björn Borg.

loopcam page

The much-hyped iOS app, whose investors read like a Who’s Who of the European investment scene, and which promises to “turn your life into GIF loops” has been updated to Version 1.8 in the Apple App Store.

loopcamThe most notable new feature is that Loopcam has full Facebook integration, meaning that users’ loops will appear directly in their Timeline feed, as well as any likes, (or “LOL”s) of others’ GIFs.

On-site exploration is easier too – users can now browse the landing page of Loopcam to see GIF creations from around the globe (with Germany, UK, US and Sweden being the highest growth markets right now) plus the all-new LOL-button that allows people to rate onscreen.

Show us the money

bjoern borg

Loopcam has also just completed its first “collaboration experiment” with Björn Borg Underwear. Källstigen explained: “It was about making the funniest exercise Loop (or Party Training as they called it). We offered them to step into our platform and let users create Loops for a competition – the results were published straight to the campaign’s Tumblr blog.

“This is a proof on one of many easy ways for us to monetise the platform by offering our users more value through brand collaborations. Björn Borg was particularly interested in using our platform since the community is super creative and very curious on exploring new things.”

Last month Loopcam partnered with video mashup editor to allow users to cut and paste Loops with SoundCloud and YouTube clips to create their own moving mashups.

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