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LeWeb London 2012 – Fab acquires LLUSTRE, Box floats to Europe, Google+ love for Flipboard Written by Nina Fowler on 19. June 2012

LeWeb London 2012

LeWeb London 2012
Nothing like a tech conference for making announcements – in today’s daily digest, we bring you the goss so far on day of LeWeb London 2012

Now at 5 million members, buys design store LLUSTRE and launches in the UK

FabFab, the fast-growing online design sales site, has acquired fellow design store LLUSTRE.COM, which will be henceforth be known as Fab UK. The news was due to be announced by Fab later today, but looks like jumped the gun on its own blog. Read more by the Next Web’s Robin Wauters.
It’s not the company’s first European aquisition – in February, Fab acquired Germany’s Casacanda.

Box Floats Into Europe, Aiming For 30 per cent Of Its Cloud Business To Be There In 18 Months

BoxCloud-storage company Box yesterday announced a new step up in its business: it is officially moving into Europe, opening an office in London to focus its efforts in the region, and help it in the landgrab for cloud customers against competitors like Dropbox and Google. Hear more from CEO Aaron Levie today at LeWeb in this article by TechCrunch.

Uber Hires European Kees Koolen as COO

UberCar service dispatch company Uber has hired a European Chief Operating Officer, making the announcement today at LeWeb London. Kees Koolen, who scaled to $9 billion in revenue during his tenure, will now be “the number two” in the company, next to CEO Travis Kalanick, and based out of Amsterdam. Read more on TechCrunch.
For more, check out our in-depth interview with Uber’s Athena Maikish

Google announces partnership with Flipboard

GoogleBradley Horowitz, VP of Product for Google+ today announced a partnership with social news reader Flipboard to add Google+ streams in the app – apparently a move called for by Flipboard users. Read more on The Next Web or listen to an interview.
For related reading, try: Twitter just threw a lifeline to the content industry (GigaOm) or Finnish platform Scoopinion targets the true readers of the world (VentureVillage)
Speakers this afternoon at LeWeb include Fab, Codecademy’s Zach Sims, Pebble, Klout and Voxer – you can check out the live stream here on YouTube.